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Paint Correction


          From a standard maintenance wash, to full paint correction, and everything in between.  Only the finest products and proper techniques used, to safely keep your vehicle in top shape for years to come.  Utilizing the latest in surface protection, ceramic sealants are used standard.

Interior Detail cleaning stain removal


     Of course the standard service includes, windows, vacuum, wipe and protect all leather, vinyl and plastic with top quality products.

Additional services can include, carpet and seat deep cleaning,

Leather Rejuvenation, stain removal, and much more.

Porsche 911 wheel off ceramic coating and detailig


     We can clean and protect almost every part of your vehicle.  Having an in house lift makes it possible to offer services others cant.

     Wheels off detailing allows the entire wheel and/or suspension and brake calipers to be thoroughly cleaned and protected.  Also being able to clean your engine bay both top and bottom.


Convertible top protection, window cleaning restoration


     Canvas convertible tops need service too.  Canvas treatment restores water, stain and U.V.  repellency.  Restore clarity and safety to the vinyl windows. While on the topic of safety, we can also take care of those foggy headlights too. 

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