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     Detailing you own vehicle can be therapeutic and rewarding.  We encourage everyone to maintain the appearance of their vehicles.  We can equip you with professional grade supplies and tools to make things easier and more enjoyable.  Of course, most importantly..... Quality results!!!        

The Rag Company Microfiber Detailing


     The most important and overlooked products in detailing are rags.  The key to keeping your vehicle looking good, is to touch it as little as possible.  But when you do, make sure you use only the best quality rags and applicators available.  We can equip you with them!

Opti-coat, optimum car car detialing supplies chemicals car soap


     Soap, polish, wax, sealant, dressing, cleaners, coatings, a world full of ineffective, marginal, and outright dangerous products, online and at your local parts store.  Not here!  We sell what we use or can recommend a product for you application.

polishers buffers rupes flex detailing


     The proper tools can give better results in less time.  Today's polishers make it easy for anyone to get a great shine safely.  With a little know how the days of worrying about damaging your paint are gone. 

detailing brushes


     The correct brush can get your carpets cleaner then you thought possible, safely make quick work of complex wheels, remove stubborn pet hair, and reach areas once inaccessible.    

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